Intermittent fasting (3)

Okay guys Today I’m gonna yap on about Intermittent fasting.

So Intermittent fasting or ‘IF’ as it’s also known is a way of dieting or controlling calorie intake that has ‘many great health benefits’ including ;

weight loss – fat loss, lowering insulin levels, boosting human growth hormone (Great for body repair and muscle gains) reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, slightly raising metabolism, improving skin health and even helping people live longer !!


I’m always reading up on the best ways to lose weight and reduce body fat for my clients and this was one of the methods I found easiest to follow and pretty much how I was living and eating anyway – just without the label.

My daily routine is get up and go to the gym, don’t eat anything until around 12.00pm then have a main meal and or snacks at night when I finish generally around 8.00pm – so when I read up on IF I followed the most basic model which is a 16 hour fast (no calories) followed by an 8 hour feed (calorie window) or likewise start eating at 12.00pm up until 8.00pm (8 hours) then fast until 12.00pm the next day (16 hours) there are other methods of doing this, but I went with the easiest of course !

I decided to give IF a go for a week (now mid way through week two) and blog how I got on – if I felt any positive changes in my body and how I am feeling. I’ll start by saying I’m not a calorie counter, with lean muscle mass I can generally eat what I want within reason. I still try and stay within my maintenance calories on a daily basis. “Eat until you’re satisfied not until you’re full” as they say..

So throughout this week I didn’t count cals I went off if I was still hungry or not.
I found that I had small hunger pangs in the time I was fasting which is to be expected of course – but nothing major about it I drank a lot of water throughout the week as usual. I found that I was having one large meal around (700 – 1000 cals) of either a full chicken or salmon with loads of green vegetables or a healthy mixed salad, then a smaller meal at night or in my case a box of chicken pakora’s from Morrison’s (560 cals) and and or a big packet of walkers crisps (800 empty cals) or short bread biscuits (516 empty cals)
As you can see I wasn’t at all strict with my nutrition LOL !!
Whether this is to do with fasting or not I don’t know but I didn’t crave sugar at all. Normally I’d have something sweet to eat daily but didn’t need or want sugary stuff, apart from the short bread of course and crisps!!

All in all I found that I wasn’t hungry all of the time – my energy levels were fine and I felt and feel great !!

So here’s the stats :

(Start of week)               (End of week)

• Weight 69.5kg              • Weight 68.2kg

• Neck 39cm                    • Neck 37cm

• Waist 80cm                   • Waist 77cm

• Hip 89cm                      • Hip 89cm

• Body fat 12.5%            • Body fat 11.5%


The two photos were taken one week apart and although they look very similar in comparison (except the new tan) the measurements don’t lie !!

As we all know body weight and body fat can fluctuate daily depending on what we’ve eaten the previous day, how much muscle we have, which macros we’re favouring most, how much water is absorbed and stored in our bodies etc, etc.

I can only comment on how it’s making me feel at this time – and in honesty I feel great.
I’m not over eating calories – I’m not hungry – I have plenty of energy and both my body fat percentage and body measurements have been reduced slightly within the first week. I also don’t feel the need to over eat or over indulge with sweets – whether that has to do with fasting or not I’m not sure – maybe I’m making a conscious effort to consume less sugar on a daily basis.

Also worth mentioning for women that want to do intermittent fasting – initially when I first read about it I found that long term it can cause negative effects like irregular periods, metabolic stress, shrinking of the ovaries and even early onset of menopause, this does not sound good at all !!

Then upon further reading I discovered a version of intermittent fasting for women known as ‘Crescendo fasting’ So this version of IF is basically still fasting for 16 hours with an 8 hour feed window (if thats the model you choose to follow) – however it’s only done two or three non consecutive days in a week.
This way the female body should not go into starvation mode and the negative effects of continuous fasting should not be seen.

You can find more information on this by Google searching ‘The secret to intermittent fasting for women’ Dr. Axe, and also at – Intermittent fasting.

So folks there you have it – a little write up on my IF experience this week and new way of dieting that I intend to follow. This may not be everyone’s cup of jar but I feel top of the pops people !!

Thank you for reading.

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