My 40 hour fasting experience (4)

Okay folks,

as a personal experiment I decided to fast for a full day and night from (9.00pm Wednesday – 1.00pm Friday) I’ve just completed a 40 hour straight fast – drinking only water and three black coffees over the 40 hour fasting period.

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting now for nearly three months and feel great in doing so..

I thought to myself I wonder if I can go a full day and night without eating anything – just to see if i could do it both mentally and physically, I love to challenge myself.
well I’m pleased to say that I’m not dead and I managed pretty easily to be honest and I’ve also lost body weight and body fat in the process, of course !!

The results are :

Body weight 71.4kg and now 69.2kg

Body fat was 10.4% and now 7.5%

A huge reduction in only 40 hours.

My training was a beach run with stair sprints (40 mins) and a modest upper body strength session which was 5 sets of rows, bench press and shrugs for accessory.

My main reasons for fasting in general are :

• Easy to maintain

• Boosts human growth hormone (repairs the body, among other things)

• Detoxifies the body (as it allows the body to fully process foods)

• Lowers blood sugar and blood pressure

• Reduces insulin resistance and improves sensitivity to it

• Burns fat instead of carbohydrates when in a ‘fasted state’

• Many other health benefits

So all in all I’m pleased with the results from that.

Luckily I didn’t die and managed the fast well. I think in this day and age everyone is looking for ‘the right’ way to diet or the best and most effective way to lose body weight and strip body fat,
to me there’s no right and wrong – it’s a case of finding what works for you and sticking with it. If you’re in a deficit you will lose weight, if you cut down on refined carbohydrates and sugar you will find it easier to drop unwanted body fat..

My logic for fasting is that it’s really easy to do, by skipping breakfast your all ready in a calorie deficit, roughly 300 – 500 cals per day depending on what breakfast you eat. It also really gives your body a chance to empty and reset the system – making the systems work better in the process, fighting inflammation, reducing insulin resistance, lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels etc, etc.

If you’re thinking about giving fasting a go then why not go for it, there’s a ridiculous amount of health benefits in doing so..
you can find more details at :

“8 Health Benefits of Fasting, Backed by Science”

Thank you for reading folks !!

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