Great win for Ryan Jones last night on the D day show at the Lancastrian suite Dunston.

Ryan displayed pin point punching technique to secure a first round knock out of his opponent, winning the D day super middleweight championship belt in style!

The Majestic conditioned athlete trains harder then anyone else – its only right he reaps the rewards for his efforts. This is the second fight camp he has completed now at Majestic and he seems to naturally progress and get stronger with each new program. We had 10 weeks to prepare for this and he came into the fight in phenomenal shape, as always.

Ryan does his boxing training out of Wallsend Boxing Academy under the guidance of Nik Gittus & Stephen Faetz who are doing a fantastic job of coaching and its showing in his performances.

We Look forward to the next outing where he challenges for his 3rd championship belt.

and the new..

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