Well then folks,

no better way to celebrate the 6th year anniversary of Majestic Boxing then having 2 of our fighters win this weekend.

Lee Wilkinson and Tommy Layton both had cracking bouts and rightly so as both are exciting fighters with contrasting styles.

Lee Wilkinson’s bout, both cornered & written by local up and coming professional boxer Anth Ornsby.

Here’s how it unfolded..

“1st round was a very explosive round lee worked well but got drawn into a scrap at times, worked his faints well and landed some big shots early which I reckon put his opponent in flight mode.
Lee maybe put to much into the 1st round and started to look tired in the second, still winning convincingly and didn’t let his work rate drop.
3rd round he started setting up for the right uppercut which landed perfectly a minute into the 3rd and if Lee had of chased him down could have stopped him!
Really good performance and good win, plenty for him to work on but he showed he had heart, half a boxing brain 😉 and a hell of a right uppercut!!

Big thank you to Anth for cornering Lee and the little write up!

Tommy Layton’s fight..

1st round he started as ever long rangey shots with plenty of sting looked quite tense at first but out worked his opponent.
2nd round again showing he can box both on the front foot and back only getting caught with the odd looping shot from when he got tired.
3rd round his opponent stepped up the work rate but Tommy was able to close him down – spin off the ropes and steer clear of any dangerous shots.
He was caught with an accidental head butt in this round which caused a cut above his right eye – the fight was stopped but the referee awarded the fight to Tommy as he was comfortably winning on points and  high work rate.

Well done to both lads, as ever we’re always proud to see Majestic members competing and doing well regardless of the sport.

Happy 6th year anniversary to Majestic Boxing and all our members.


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