Well then folks, another cracking win last night see’s Bailey Stone move to 2 – 0 in his boxing journey.

It was another exciting encounter with both lads landing bombs at times but Bailey put his shots together better with great variation and strong phases to secure his second win.

First round Bailey started fast and comfortably won it for me, his combinations were tighter then his opponents and he had the first and final say in all exchanges.

The second round came and the pace slowed from both lads. This allowed his opponent to get back in it having a bit more success, he hit Bailey with a couple of back hands and a rear hand uppercut.

Third round came and it’s game on. Bailey flipped the switch and went at it, varying his attacks landing lead uppercuts, long powerful back hands and lead hooks with bursts of 12 to 15 seconds of non stop punching.

“When he go’s, he go’s” 

Bailey had the final say landing a strong back hand that rocked his opponents head back giving him a standing count.

Unanimous decision win again for Bailey while also showing a massive improvement since his last bout with tighter hand defences this time around.
As he progresses he’ll learn to control range and even the pace of the fight with the lead hand and threaten with it also.

He took a lot less shots in this fight so I’m very pleased along with his amateur coach Ross Wilkinson at Tyneside Boxing club.

The club as a whole are doing fantastic with their first season going from strength to strength and a high success rate. This is a direct result of the passion and dedication from the coaches involved and the hard work from the boxer’s.

We look forward to continuing the journey both at Majestic and Tyneside boxing club.

For now its a massive well done to Bailey AKA

 “The silent assassin”

We are all proud of you.



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