Agony & ecstacy in terms of results for the Majestic boys last night at the Unit 13 show in North Shields.

We had Paul Rouse first up showing absolute relentless forward pressure after a rushed warm up.

As soon as we got to the venue it was game on because there’d been a few fast knock outs before hand.
Paul having to quickly get changed whack his boots on, wrap his own hands and literally threw a couple of combinations on the pads – he went on and comfortably won every round showing that he’s massively improved since his first bout.

Relentless pressure using faints, catching his opponent with over hands although occasionally spoiling his work on the inside but using experience to grab a breather while doing so.
Unanimous winner by far for me!

Next up was Lee Wilkinson who literally trained his butt off for this bout. Started well with faints then both fighters went guns blazing!
Lee got caught and stumbled but shook it off and continued the fight.
Moments later he got hit with an awkward back hand and that was that unfortunately.
These things happen in boxing and we’re only ever one punch from being hurt or knocked out but this folks is why boxing is so exciting.
We risk it all for glory regardless of level we box at or the circumstance. We carry on whether we win or lose and we fight another day.
This IS boxing and it’s a brutal sport.
Win or lose I’m proud of both lads for getting in there because it takes so much time and energy to prepare for fights.
Respect and honour to both Lee and Paul.

We win some, we lose some but we carry ourselves with pride, always.




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