Well then folks,

Today we celebrate 7 years of Majestic Boxing & Personal Training!!


To say I’m proud of that and all we’ve achieved in that time would be an understatement.
From our boxer’s winning bouts (last year and throughout) to PT clients making great progress with regards body composition, we’ve been on it since day one and still continue the journey.

I’m proud that regardless of what’s going on in the world right now we’re still keeping the Majestic team spirit firing on all cylinders.

We all know Its been a bit mad at the moment, no certainty with anything, lock downs and restrictions that in my opinion won’t fix anything, people being unsure of things and even afraid about the outcome of it all. We all feel it, and I’ve been through a whirlwind of emotions myself over the last 8 months or so.

I’m glad the majority of Majestic members are now going about life as normal as possible, doing the things we all love to do again i.e, boxing and training hard!!

We all know exercise is the best medicine and will literally lift your vibration from negative to positive within minutes – this is what we’re about at Majestic. 
When you come through the door you switch the outside world off and only concentrate on what you’re doing..
Call it training therapy!!

In honesty though, when we were locked down earlier in the year and things were looking bleak we switched to doing live online HIIT sessions which kept everyone together in a sense, following on from that when we were given the green light to train outside, we trained at Northumberland park at the band stand, proving that we can still smash workouts with minimal equipment, just using a bit of imagination. 
Battle ropes, dumbbells, power bags, resistance bands, stairs and hill sprints were the tools of choice at that time – and we did just fine!
This showed our adaptability and also when things ‘hit the fan’ so to speak, it showed we were able to survive and and even thrive through those testing times.

I speak from the heart when I say I’m super grateful and thankful to everyone that supported myself and Majestic at that time, you guys kept it all going for me and I will never forget it.

We started back in the gym in August with a different approach, restructuring our sessions to include bag work drills, bodyweight exercises, pad work with coach and weighted compound movements with bike sprints to finish. 
Of course these sessions are a little different from our usual roster but at this time until close contact sport is allowed to continue we need to play the game.

We’ve a lot of new members right now and things are running as they should – Majestic.

Again I’m super thankful to every member that comes through the door, trains with us, represents us and what we’re all about. 
Majestic Boxing doesn’t exist without its members all sticking together and pushing things forward and the sessions wouldn’t be anything without the atmosphere that you all create.

I look forward to see what’s in store for the years to come,

7 years today baby..


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