2020 THE ROUND UP (23)

Well folks what can I say?
What a mental year this has been eh!! 

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone that’s been part of Majestic this year whether you are one of our class members, Personal Training client’s or both I’m really grateful that you’ve kept on training through out the lockdown’s and kept it Majestic.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind time for us all, certainly for me when the gyms closed the first time and we had to take it outside, we trained in Northumberland park, in the bandstand then in November gone in the outdoor facility at the gym and now once again we’re going outside!! 

The stop start notion of this year has been testing but we’ve got through it and will continue to do so through next year. 
We’ll always find a way!!

We celebrated 7 years of Majestic in October which is a huge accomplishment in itself and we continue to grow and attract new members even through all the madness going on in the world outside!!

Things to look forward to in the new year are our new recipe packs launching with over 50 recipes in each pack.
We have a high protein pack, low carb, vegetarian and vegan, all recipes are simple to make and come with a weekly meal planner and shopping list, so the hard work is done for you.

We also launch our online training platform for Personal Training. I’m looking forward to training people remotely as well as in person. 
The world is constantly changing and I feel we need to move with the times or be left behind. 
An online element to Majestic training was needed and now we have one with all our training methods/programs on there ready to go as well as a photo food log & measurement options, weekly Zoom catch ups and reminders etc it’s gonna be great and it means you can train Majestic anywhere in the world!!

We also start our second shred challenge in the New year inline with everyone on the fitness rush, although the start date will have to be confirmed.

We had some great results last time so this time we are including our high protein pack, meal planner guide as well as extending the length of the shred to 12 weeks which is a standard and safe weight loss phase and also increasing our winner’s prize to £500.

I’m sure next year we’ll see a return to combat sports so I look forward to preparing our members for up coming bouts, there’s a lot to look forward to and opportunities are everywhere for growth – If you choose to see them.

We aim to keep busy and keep up our positive momentum through 2021, as we have done in all years previously.

Again a huge thank you to all of our team representing Majestic, I say it every year but we wouldn’t exist without all of you and the energy in the sessions.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all, 

much love – coach.

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