This post is late but you know what they say, “better late…

We had professional boxer Anth Ornsby making his long awaited return to the ring on the 10th September just gone at the Rainton Meadows arena.

It was a tough night for Anth as nothing seemed to go his way, the doctor was late which lead to a rushed warm up, then his walkout song being played for his opponent it was just one of those nights it seemed. These things can really affect you getting in the swing and mess with your focus.

Boxing wise it was a very close bout against a much more experienced opponent in Jordan Ellis. Both boxers landing big shots and in the later rounds it was a gruelling affair. Anth gave a good account of himself but unfortunately didn’t get the nod.

His fitness, strength and endurance was spot on which I’m happy with and Anth is looking for the rematch straight away. The dust has now settled, we’ve watched the bout back and have a new plan of action, new energy and new strategy to get the win.

It’s my absolute pleasure to train Anth as he gives 110% in every session. This wasn’t our night but we learn from all outings and aim to progress. As always we look forward to seeing him back under the lights.

Until we go again.

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