Majestic Boxing was established on October 29th of 2013. The club originally started out as a women’s boxing class however 2 years later due to popular demand we added a mens class to the roster.

A year after the mens class started we decided to merge the 2 class’s into a single Majestic Boxing class and this is the format we have today.

Since starting the classes back in 2013 we have trained boxers for competitive bouts, helped numerous people shed excess body fat as well as now providing Strength and Conditioning training to athletes – we pride ourselves on building confidence in all of our members. Majestic Boxing is a community rather then a class. We are all different but all share similar views and values.

We’ve held classes in boxing gyms as well as mainstream fitness gyms and the club presents itself well in all areas.

We continue to grow and inspire throughout the seasons – our ethos is ‘fight fitness’ and our incentive is to get people fit and also confident through the sport of boxing.

Whether you are looking to compete in boxing or shed some unwanted body weight or body fat we have what you’re looking for.

Majestic team for life.