‘Sparring & Pad Work Thursdays’


‘Fitness Tuesdays’

The Majestic Boxing sessions are split into two categories –

  • Tuesday’s are about learning the technical aspect of boxing along with explosive fitness (plyometric’s) mixed into the programme. A good starting point for boxing beginners and fitness fanatics this class is a major calorie burner!
  • Thursday’s are our sparring session where we try and incorporate what we have learnt on Tuesday night in real time. There is also another coach on hand for our fitness members to do pad work and drills.

If you are new to boxing it’s best to start on a Tuesday and learn the basic movements, punches and defences before progressing to sparring. We are very beginner friendly, all new starters are paired up with experienced members to ensure a better rate of learning and also to encourage.

All levels are welcome from age 13 upwards.

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