I started boxing at 17 years old and it changed my life for the better. Boxing has given me a greater mind set, confidence but also humility.

I have competed both in amateur and semi professional bouts, I’ve both won well and lost badly and gained much experience through years of competition and training. I’ve also trained in other forms of martial arts gaining experience and knowledge in all areas of combat sports.
My passion is to instill confidence in others through physical training and encourage people to believe in themselves – enough so that they can achieve anything in life.

My qualifications to date are level 1 ABA boxing coach, level 2 fitness instructor, level 3 personal trainer and level 4 strength and conditioning coach. I have 8 years of boxing experience and over 4 years of coaching and personal training. I continue to learn new things weekly – improving my knowledge and service to others is integral to me.

Whether you are training with me in our class or I’m training you on a 1 – 1 basis I take pride in building you both mentally and physically.

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