The extremely complex or not so complex world of nutrition..

The essential nutrients the body needs to function, when we should eat and which foods we should avoid.

The truth is all ‘whole foods’ or non processed foods are all okay in moderation. If you ‘over eat’ (above your daily calorie intake) any kind of food – proteins, carbs or fats (macros) you will gain weight, and vise versa if you ‘under eat’ (below your daily calorie intake) you will lose weight.

My advice is to refrain from using processed foods that are these days readily available, cheap and claim in some way that they are healthy, low fat or have no added sugar etc.
All processed foods contain something or many things that could potentially be harmful or nonessential to our nutritional needs (empty calories)
They contain vegetable oils, chemicals, preservatives colouring agents, bulking agents and more often then not contain no essential vitamins or minerals (micros) that the body needs to function.

All of my clients train with me to reduce body fat / body weight and I look to promote lean body mass in all clients.

There is no diet that fits all people.
We are all metabolically different. We all process foods in different ways depending on age, gender, genetics, percentage of body fat and or the amount of muscle tissue we have.

Another major factor in the weight loss/weight gain equation is hormones.
Hormones are messengers that control and coordinate activities throughout the body.
There are many hormones in the body each with individual functions but I’m going to mention 6 main hormones that will affect body composition, in particular fat loss/fat gain and muscle building.

1. Estrogen – the female sex hormone

2. Testosterone – the male sex hormone

3. Cortisol – the stress hormone

3. Grehlin – the hunger hormone

4. Leptin – the satiety hormone

5. Insulin –  the blood sugar regulating hormone

Without going in to too much detail if these key hormones are out of sink and there is an imbalance in your endocrine system you could find it near impossible to lose stubborn body fat particularly in the chest, abdomen, thighs and hips.

We can naturally balance the hormones in our body with simple things like ensuring we get enough sleep, eating the correct foods and or take the correct supplements and exercising regularly.

Nutritional advice and training is another service we offer to all personal training clients to ensure optimal body results and keep everyone on the right track.